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CATEGORY Live Escape
GAME TAGS REPLAY Wild West Great Rescue Rescue Games Escape Games Adventure Escape Games New Escape Games Games2rule
GAME INSTRUCTION Wild West Great Rescue is another new point and click room escape game developed by Games2rule.A beautiful girl was trapped by a villain in a train track. No one is ready to help the girl. Our hero gets this information by his pet eagle. He chases the train to stop it, unfortunately the villain also traveled in the same train with a gun. Help our hero to rescue the girl. Good luck and have fun!
Games4Escape Christmas Fun Room Esc..

In this game you have entered into the Christmas House, unfortunately, the door got closed. you have to find the key to coming out of the house from t..

Baby Chameleon Escape

A baby chameleon was living in a beautiful and gorgeous village. The baby chameleon lived very happy. The baby chameleon was unexpectedly stuck in a h..

Top10 Christmas Find The Santa Shoe..

Assume that your Santa Shoe was hidden by your friend. Now you are going to Find the Santa Shoe by using objects, hints and solving puzzles. We hope y..

Wonder Waterfall Fun Escape..

An escape game that takes you into a Wonder Waterfall. The game is full of puzzles in a Wonder Waterfall. Can you escape this place, it will not be ea..

8B Juice Maker Escape

Imagine that you went to a Juice Maker house to get your booked juices. When you went there; he you got trapped in this house.

AVM The Detective Escape Game..

The Detective Escape is the latest point and click escape game created by There are a few houses in a village. There was a detective in ..

5N Escape Game Beautiful Village..

This is a beautiful village. Someone is stuck in a hut in the village and you are trying to help the person escape.

FEG Escape Game Glory 2..

You will get all the glory and laurels when you achieve great feats. Attaining such things take lots of skills. Bring glory to yourself in this escape..

GFG Christmas Pet Rescue Escape..

Imagine that you have to help the pet to get out from this house and you have to find the way to rescue the pet. You can find useful stuffs and intere..

Black And White Abode Room Escape..

Black And White Abode Room Escape is the new point and click escape game from Games2jolly family. You fell asleep and in your dream you see yourself l..

Games4King Awe Lion Escape..

There was a magnificent palace in a beautiful forest. That palace was beautiful in the middle of that forest. There was a awe lion in that palace. The..

Games4Escape Christmas Celebration ..

In this game you have entered into the Christmas House, unfortunately, the door got closed. you have to find the key to coming out of the house from t..


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