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Four Reasons Why Every Gamer Should Use a VPN



Gaming is a lot of fun because it makes you feel free. Most of us don’t even realize how time passes because we have such a good time playing. We play most games online with people from all around the world. This increases the fun in the game, but it also increases the potential threats.

That’s why many gamers use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) when gaming online. You can learn more about what does a VPN do by following this link. It has many benefits to offer to gamers in addition to better security. In this article, we have shared why every gamer should use a VPN.


Access Geo-Blocked Games

Many games are not available to a specific region. They allow players from one or a few countries and block all other countries. Some games specifically block gamers from a specific country due to political or business reasons.

Every gamer should have access to every game, no matter what his nationality. You can access all those games using a VPN. It will allow you to change your region to any country. The host won’t be able to tell where you are from, and you will be able to play the game.


Protect Yourself from the Internet

The internet is an unsafe place. You should not tell anyone anything about yourself. Many people can see your IP address, and it tells everything about you. Even if you have nothing that could interest a hacker, you could have a conflict with someone while gaming. Fights during a video game is not something unheard of.

Some people would use your IP address to trace and hurt you in some way. A VPN will change your IP address when you connect to the internet through it. This means no one can trace where you are.


No Bandwidth Throttling

Many Internet Service Providers throttle your bandwidth. It could be due to their bad service, or they make it happen when there is a lot of traffic from your IP. No matter what the reason, it affects your gaming experience. Most hosts kick you out when they detect ping or other such issues.

A VPN will help you avoid this problem. It will encrypt your data, so there is no data throttling. The ISP won’t be able to tell if you are playing, streaming a video, or sharing files when the data is encrypted. Some VPNs even keep switching your ports which makes it too difficult for any network administrator to throttle your connection.


Pass IP Bans

As discussed above, conflicts are common when playing online games. If you encountered a conflict, you would most probably be kicked out of the game. This can also happen if you intentionally or unintentionally broke some rules or terms of service.

They usually block your IP address, which you can easily change using a VPN. This means you can rejoin the game with a different identity and play without anyone noticing.


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