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Variance Basics For A Successful Game At The Rabona Casino Online Italy

At times, you must have been amazed and delighted to read poker articles or news stories about people who turned $50 into $50,000 or $500,000 in a short time. You wondered how such a thing was possible. Do such visitors to the Rabona casino online Italy really have such a serious advantage over the rest of those who enter Let's find this out.

Dealing With The Theory

In reality, the situation is a bit different, and we will try to put everything in its place. First, let's learn the basic concepts:

  Dispersion when playing poker is a value that characterizes the deviation from the average.

  Downstreak is a period, characterized by a sharp deterioration in performance. Downstreaks are usually attributed to negative luck.

  Upstreak is a period, characterized by a significant increase in profitability.

When talking about upstreaks and downstreaks at the Rabona casino online Italy, we usually mean short periods of time (from a few days to a month).

General Concepts

Like most phenomena, variance is easiest to visualize in the form of an example. For example, let's say we're playing in a fairly large tournament with 500 players and a buy-in of $5.5. The game is heavily pot-luck, players aren't afraid to match the entire stack at the beginning of the game. We see that the stacks of some players at the table are increasing quickly. And now we are dealt the coveted KK. Everyone folds except for the pot-luck chip on the button, who goes all-in for the third time in a row. He's got a huge stack because he's been taking flushes on weak aces and small pairs before and he's managed to triple up.

It looks like a favorable situation for us. We call and run into AA, knocking us out of the tournament. What did we do wrong? Nothing, our move was the right one. We had a significant advantage over our opponent's range, so a full stack call in a situation where we have over 100 BB in the stack is favorable. We were just unlucky.

Situations like this are what drive variance, but this example is too favorable from a real poker perspective.

What if we had AK? We wouldn't be such favorites anymore; rather, our opponent, having many pairs in his range, would get even a small advantage at the Rabona casino online Italy. In a situation with big stacks, it isn't worth comparing. Against a pair of fives over a long range, you will lose purely theoretically. In the short term, matching might make sense (but at the later stages of tournaments). In all others, you are taking a 50/50 risk in a 50/50 situation by making a full stack decision. It's the worst decision from a math standpoint, which becomes negative when you consider the variance it produces.

All Or Nothing?

You can win 10 times out of 10 in these comparisons and win the tournament. Does that feel good? Sure. But will it happen often? The more you participate in these situations, the greater the variance. This means that your results can be very good or very bad. For example, risking your stack in a 50/50 situation, you could have results ranging from -500 buy-ins to +500 buy-ins. This range can be either more or less.

Psychology And The Right Approach

Having caught the upstreak at the Rabona casino online Italy, the player is on a wave of euphoria. He plays fearlessly, confidently, and aggressively. He gets where he needs to go, his bluffs go in every time. In this situation, an inexperienced player may overestimate his strength. A professional understands that this is a temporary situation that should be treated calmly and maximize the chances.

A beginner can try, in a state of extreme confidence, to move to higher limits but fail.

On the other hand, if a person is unlucky, he loses buy-in after buy-in in seemingly 100% situations. The fish activate with extraordinary vigor and catch their two outs on the river time after time. You get nervous, go into a tilt, start playing worse, and bluff a lot. And you lose, just like in the case of an upstreak.


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